Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Currently Lives and Works in Brooklyn, NY


Ramiro Davaro-Comas is an Argentine/American artist and entrepreneur living and working in Brooklyn New York. He is the creator and director of Dripped on the Road, (a traveling artist residency program based out of an RV) and an artist on the road at times. His dedication for painting, traveling and community work have allowed him to travel through his career and collaborate with other artists, and the combination of all three passions after many years led him to launch this unique program and artistic career.


Davaro-Comas is currently directing the artist residency program, painting murals, working on creative projects for design clients, and showing his work in different gallery exhibitions and public projects. His artwork is heavily influenced by his travels, street life, comic books, South American/European muralism, skateboarding culture and animation. Davaro-Comas works within his own vocabulary of characters, symbols and iconography, creating fantastical worlds in which his characters float and loom about. With a mix of illustration, painting and mural work, Ramiro’s work is bold and expressive, and launches its viewer into colorful mystical world.





2018        The Studio, Grand Central Tech, New York, NY

                 Hell in a Bucket, Lucas Lucas, Brooklyn, NY

2017         Pushing Wood, SkateYogi, Brooklyn, NY


2016        Bros and Foes, Grumpy Bert, Brooklyn, NY

2015         Pushing Wood, Cotton Candy Machine, Brooklyn, NY
                 Bros and Foes, FOE Gallery, Northampton, MA


2014        Manimal Friends, Cotton Candy Machine, Brooklyn, NY 
                 Imaginationland, Littlefield, Brooklyn, NY


2013        Imaginationland, IDRAWALOT Gallery, Berlin
                 EUROPA, FOE Gallery, Northampton, MA

2012         Hamsterdam, AWA Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands

​                 American Minions, F.U.C Bar, Berlin, Germany
                 All IN, Diesel Café, Boston, MA

                 The Mustache Team, UNITE, Northampton, MA

​                 The Decline, Orchard Gallery, New York, NY





2018         Art Collector's Starter Kit, Corey Heldford Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

                 Around the Clock, Gallery 88 ½, New York, NY

                 Familiar Faces, Galerie F, Chicago, IL

                 Red Envelope Show, Grumpy Bert, Brooklyn, NY

2017         Red Envelope Show, Grumpy Bert, Brooklyn, NY 

                 Handbills of Subversion, MF Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

                 End Of The Road, Dripped on the Road Exhibit, Gallery, New York, NY
                 Creature Feature, Allegory Arts, Florence, AL


2016         Pen&Ink, Redefine Gallery, Orlando, FL

                 Brooklyn Legends, Brooklyn Historical Society, Brooklyn, NY

                 SUPERFINE! Art Fair, OCC Curation, Miami, FL

                 End Of The Road, Dripped on the Road Exhibit, FU Gallery, MIami, FL

                 Pushing Wood (2 man show with Rob COllins), KCDC, Brooklyn, NY
                 RWK 15th Anniversary Show, My Plastic Heart, New York, NY
                 Can I kick It?, Chicago Truborn, Chicago, IL
                 Politically Charged, Infinity Room, Venice, CA
                 Clown, Grumpy Bert, Brooklyn, NY
SOLD Magazine 3rd Show, Okay Space,  Brooklyn. NY
                 90's Nick, PIQ Gallery and Shop, New York, NY
                The Unstarving Artist Fundraiser, AFA Gallery, New York, NY
More History, Exit 9, New York, NY
                 Super (un)Saturated, Pop up gallery, New York, NY
                 SOLD Magazine 2nd Show, Studio Kraut, Brooklyn, NY
                 Oversaturated, Redefine Gallery, Orlando, FL
                 Red Envelope Show, Grumpy Bert Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
                 SOLD Magazine Launch Exhibition, Frost Street Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

2015         Brooklyn Biennial Submissional, Cotton Candy Machine, Brooklyn, NY

                 FlipBookit Show 2, Grumpy Bert, Brooklyn, NY

                 Friends with Benefits (2 man show with Brandon Sines), Grumpy Bert, Brooklyn, NY
                 Coaster Show, La Luz De Jesus, Los Angeles, CA
                 Brought to Life, (2 Man Show with Sonni), CasaBlanc, Boston, MA

                 Tiny Trifecta, Cotton Candy Machine, Brooklyn, NY
                 Dripped On Elizabeth, 149 Elizabeth, New York, NY
                 They Live, Cotton Candy Machine, Brooklyn, NY

2014         Concrete Canvas, WYN317, Miami, FL
                 Stocking Stuffer Show, LowBrow Artique, Brooklyn, NY
                 ArtBasel Boston, SweeTree Ink, Boston, MA
                 Return of the Bang, WYN317, Miami, FL

                 Flipbookit, Grumpy Bert, Brooklyn, NY

                 21st Precinct Exhibit, 21st Precinct, Manhattan, NY
                 Life on Mars!, Grumpy Bert, Brooklyn, NY
                 Bushwick Open Studios, ExitRoom Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
                 2, Borough Presidents office, New York NY
                 On the Wall, Gallery69, New York, NY
                 Track 1, ExitRoom Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
                 A Winter Wonderland, SweeTree Ink, Boston, MA

2013        Open Studios, The League Residency at VYT, Sparkill, NY

​                 Cats and Dogs, Bilinear Art Consulting, Seattle, WA
                 Open Studios, The League Residency at VYT, Sparkill, NY
                 POP, Bilinear Art Consulting, Seattle, WA


2012         Barcalone, La Pan Gallery, Barcelona, Spain

​                 Building Utopia, Tapir Gallery, Berlin, Germany

                 Silence is a Lie, SEZ Gallery, Berlin, Germany

​                 De La Calle, FOE Gallery, Northampton, MA

​                 Esoteric Beauty, SPACEWOMB Gallery, Long Island City, NY

​                 The Year of the Dragon, FOE Gallery, Northampton, MA

​                 Garamania, FOE Gallery, Northampton, MA


2011         Holiday Art Bizarre, FOE Gallery, Northampton, MA

​                 Ambient Milieus: A Illustration Group Exhibition, Space Womb Contemporary Art Gallery, Long

                 Island City, NY

​                 Look: A local Group Exhibit, Foe Store and Gallery, Northampton, MA
                 Halloween!, Sweet Tree Ink, Boston, MA

​                 The Good, The Bad and the Ugly, Brooklyn Fireproof, Brooklyn, NY

   ​              Anything Goes, Helltown Workshop, Provincetown, MA

​                 Skate of the Art, Dark World Gallery, Worcester, Ma

​                 Superstitions, HellTown Workshop Gallery, Provincetown, MA

​                 SCI-FI Show, Dark World Gallery, Worcester, Ma

​                 Keep a Child Alive Fundraiser, Northeastern University, Boston, MA


2010        Holiday Massacre, Pangaea Gallery, West Springfield, MA

​                 Tim Brauch Memorial Sessions Contest, Lake Cunningham Regional Skate Park, San Jose, CA, 

                 A Political Art Show, Red Sun Press, Jamaica Plans, MA
                 Grand Opening, Pangaea gallery, West Springfield, MA

                 Amnesty International Art Show and Fundraiser, Machines with Magnets, Providence, RI


2016        Dripped On The Road, NYC-Miami

2014        Truco Studios Artist Residency, Brooklyn, NY


2013        ​Art Students League of New York, New York, NY

​                 Art Students League of New York, New York, NY, USA

​                 AS220 Artist Residency Program, Providence, Rhode Island, USA


2012        Studio P52 Residency, Barcelona, Spain

​                 La Pan, Artist Residency Program, Barcelona, Spain

​                 GO-GO Artist Residency, Amsterdam, Netherlands

                 Takt Kunstprojektraum, Berlin, Germany


DOTR, WeWorks, Boston, MA, 2017
DOTR, Banana Factory, Bethlehem, PA, 2017
DOTR, Spectre Arts, Durham, NC, 2016
ArtsQuest, Bethlehem, PA, November 2016
Spectre Arts, Durhma, NC, November 2016
Phyllis Harimon Mason Gallery, Art Students League of New York, Feburary 2014




Transworld Snowboarding (2014), Volume 27, March, 56
Transworld Snowboarding (2014), Volume 27, January, 38

Transworld Snowboarding (2013), Volume 27, November, 135

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Pushing Wood, (2017), Book of the paintings of the Pushing Wood Series

Hell in a Bucket, (2017), Illustrative book about the 2016 Presidential Election
Bros and Foes, (2016), Illustrative story collaborative with Nicole Shea
Manimal Friends, (2014), Illustrative Children's Book
Planet of the Crepes, (2014) Illustrative story collaborative with Robert Ackley,
Imaginationland, (2013) Illustrative, Published by IDRAWALOT Gallery, 

Hamsterdam (2013), Illustration, 
Minion (2013),  Photography

Unemployed Rats and Mice (2011) Illustration

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